Tarology is about using cards as a tool to gain insight on our life and is a process as practical and down to earth as building a skyscraper. There are no special effects or smoke involved but a series of questions and answers aimed to reach the core of the enquirer's structure.




I'm a certified Strategic Life Coach and Intuitive  and have been practicing Tarology since 2000 in Therapies and Holistic Centre and with Private Clients.

Among several studies my background sees me studying with the “Metagenealogy" creator Alejandro Jodorowsky and the Intuition focused researcher Laura Day, along attending the Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism.

Natural born motivator, and firmly believer that behind every behaviour there are entangled situations and emotions, I developed an healer and researcher approach to life since my childhood, and nurtured a mining interest in family patterns, DNA researches, Neuroplasticity and language along the way.


Demystify the Tarot showing these images can be treated as set of photographs with which people can explore their own life.

My approach is highly psychological and at its core there is a profound love and a sincere longing to listen and help the adventurer to find a way through the human jungle. My work is held by a radical confidentiality, a total lack of judgement and a deep respect of the human being and its journey in all its component (joy, excitement, fear, pain, shame, doubts..) 


Life Coaching



Non Violent Communication

Several types of Tarot Decks

Body Language and Movement Study


[...] It's an"Evergrowing" List 


Last but not least, the most important tool of all: questions, a lot of healthy questions.

My practice sees me always researching, exploring and experimenting in the meditation, healing and self awareness field in order to extend my knowledge and be able to offer a variety of solutions and different perspectives.



How long is an individual consultation and how muh does it cost ?

For a private consultation please allow at least 3 hours. The price for the session is 75Eur

Can questions about the FUTURE be asked ?

The aim of the session is empowering and helping the consultant in achieving insights about their current situation and reaching their life goals in the moment they are, which means right now. The NOW is the place and the time or the the place in time where we can use our power. In order to affect the future it is crucial, since the beginning, the consultant takes the power in his/her own hands and that means posing the question in an empowering way, in a way which puts them in a place of command, in charge of their own life. To better understand what I mean, here's an example: "How can I make this happen?" (position of command, control and responsability) vs. "Will this happen to me?" (giving our power away to some unknown and external force in charge of making things possible and reachable for us)

Can questions about MEDICAL ISSUES be asked?

Our session is an intimate talk about life and everything in it and beyond: visions, dreams, fears, hope, experiences, .... etc. Health is part of life and it's essential to the journey itself of course, nevertheless our chat is not intended to be and shouldn't be taken as a medical advice under no circumstances. Therefore, all the words intercurring during our session related to the medical field and health will be only taken and considered as a part of the journey narration and for every sort of concern the consultant is strictly advised to visit a specialist in the field of their concern.

Can questions about OTHER PEOPLE be asked ?

Consultant can ask questions about how to relate with someone. or how to improve a situation, ... Is important the consultants understand their are in charge of their life, they have the power to change and mould their environment and that the digging we're doing together always consider them as the "STARTING POINT" of everything in their manifestation field (reality).

What's the reason for working with different set of Tarot ?

Some people can relate and find meanings to more symbolic or abstract images, while other needs to contemplate scenes more similar to their daily life (or the environment they know) in order to verbalize thier feelings and thoughts.

Is it possible consultants are told about something they don't want to know/hear about during the session?

The purpose of the consultation is making the consultant aware of dynamics and active patterns which might be preventing them from moving forward in their life. Having said so, tarology is different from fortune telling because the consultee is not the one telling what they see therefore there are no revelations stated by the tarologist. What the consultee (tarologist) will be doing will be actively asking the consultant questions in order to help them becoming aware of their hidden knots, sometimes helping them seeing subtle body movements revealing hidden belief/intention/fear, or even, some other times, pointing out "way of saying" unconsciously populating the consultant speech. It's important to stress the intention of the tarologist is always to ask questions to allow the consultant to get to the point of being able to admit things to themselves. If the consultee sees/recognize something and, when asked, the consultant is not able to address or see it or the denials mechanism are too strong to prevent the person from accepting /acting on them then, that "No entry area " signal will be embraced, the subject drop to let it settle without any insistency. Patience, gentleness, kindness and fine tuning are always (but only few) of every session keywords.

There are some figures in the Tarot Deck considered scary by the most. What about those images?

Every figures represents an archetypical energy. Of every energy we can experience, and often we do experience both the "challenging" and "easy going" side. They both appear in our life and both manifest themselves in our lives in order to help us to evolve. Of course, often, the most challenging ones are the most valuable allies to practice our most hidden skills. No figures has been created with the purpose of scaring or bringing bad news. Is always the experience we relate to that specific image in time, and what belief had the tradition built around it to shape our vision and expectations. We can look at the Tarot cards as photos of our best friend or of someone we love and loved, a grandpa or a grandma, our parents, brother or sisters, ... we all have had a sample in our life of both their strong and soft sides, a view of all their "faces" and expressions.

Can a session be booked even when someone is not into "This Kind of Stuff"?

Absolutely. The Major Arcana are a serie of 22 images which can be used as photos. There's no magic power involved, but only the way the consultant looks at those images, the feelings recognized in them, the dynamics between the characters observed by the consultant inthat specific moment ... the personal life's memories awaken by those figures and everything that can be realated to what's right in front of the eyes... From there our chat ignites no matter what images have been picked up. It's important to note that since we evolve in life, the way we look at a specific image changes as well with time. Our vision and perspective of life and of what we've been through changes as well with time with the experience itself.

How can I believe and ask a drawing (Tarot) to help me in solving my life?

We can look at the Tarot cards as photos of our best friend, or someone we love ... Scenes are represented in that picture and we can ask and being asked iimportant and useful questions. What were and are the words said? What gesture are and were made? Why? What's going on? - Is the aim of the dialogue to bring solving keys up.





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If you have any question, you wish to book an individual session or enquiry about an event, please get in touch.


Terms & Conditions

All sessions are strictly confidential .

  • Everybody is welcome to talk and explore their life and there's absolutely no discrimination on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, religion, color, disability, ethnic origin..

  • Tarot consultations are used as a self-counselling tool for spiritual growth and personal development but are ultimately viewed as Entertainment therefore a session does not and will not replace any professional Medical/Legal/Business opinion and Advice. If the consultants is suffering any difficulties in any of the above areas of health, mental health, legalities and business concerns, they must consult with professionally qualified advisors in the specific fields to receive a suitable treatment / examination of their case. 

  • A tarot session aim is to help the consultant getting a better understanding of a specific issue and to offer a platform for a talk without any prejudice and in a safe environment, using a system of symbols and other tools all subject to interpretation from both the consultant and the consultee,  therefore what's been said during the consultation must not be taken as an Absolute.

  • In addition a tarologist cannot predict the future and the consultant must not rely on a tarology session to make any decision that would affect their legal, financial, or medical condition.  

  • A consultation will not Force you to follow a particular Course of Action, or attempt to exert any form of Control over your Free-Will and Common Sense.

  • The contents of a tarot consultation are not legally binding.

  • Any decisions made, or actions taken by the consultants as a result of their session are their sole responsibility and have not been forced upon them by the tarologist.

I assume no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any consultant decisions, subsequent to, or based on the session intercurred between me and a consultant.  

All the consultants are, first thing, advised to use their own common sense and judgment at all times.


It is only with the complete understanding and acceptance of the all that is above that a tarology consultation will take place. 



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